Nobyembre 04, 2011

City of Naga - The Place To Be


City of Naga Cebu, The Place To Be

The City of Naga , Cebu is one  of the first class cities of Cebu consist of 28 barangays founded June 12, 1829 is the oldest town of Cebu City. Situated south approximately 22 kilometers away from Cebu City. Bound in the north by Minglanilla, in the south by San Fernando, to the west is Toledo and to the east is Bohol.

The City of Naga, Cebu is the home to the SPC (Salcon Power Corporation) power plant situated on a 30 hectare site in Colon, Naga. Now under construction is the  KEPCO  SPC power plant corporation that will be fully operational in 2011. KEPCO (Korean Electrical Power Corporation). KEPCO SPC is a joint venture between Korea and the Philippines. The new powerstation will be a coal-fired power plant. 

Amongst other industries in Naga,Cebu we can see: The APO Cement Plant in Tina-an, recognized worldwide, is utilizing cement  technology  for quality product formulation. The KYOCERA Kinseki Philippines Incorporated in Cantao-an produces high quality semi-conductors and crystals for use in mobile phone equipment. The SME (Small Medium Enterprise) industrial park also in Cantao-an houses a variety of medium sized companies.

Rikio, RSA (Rikio Southeast Asia) produces shoes in Inayagan. Manila Sawmill (lumber) in Langtad. Cebu Marble Industry in Pangdan. The existing three hectares port at the back of the municipality will be expanded to six hectares. There are 22 Elementary Schools (the biggest is Naga Central Elementary School in the midst of Naga,Cebu while the other elementary schools are located in every barangays) 6 High Schools (the two biggest High School are in the city center of Naga, the Naga National High School and Sienna School of Naga) Multi Purpose Recreational Complex for events,Police Station, Fire Station, Post Office, Telephone Stations,  8 Recreational Centers, Internet Cafes, Public Market (fresh produce, fish, meat sold each day). For emergencies there are the Naga Lying-inn Clinic and South General Hospital (Cebu Doctors Hospital) in Tuyan Naga, Cebu. 

If you prefer some solitude, different churches of different religions  are available for you to go to. Like Saint Francis Catholic church, Protestant Church, Seven Day Adventist Church and Iglesia ni Christo.

There are good transportation services. Within all areas in Naga, Cebu there are 12 construction/hardware stores, 9 pharmacies, a wide variety of bakeries, cafeterias (canteen or eatery),  general merchandising retailers, pawnshops, gasoline stations, sari-sari stores, furniture makers (bamboo, rattan and woodcraft), repair service shops, welding shops, iron works, cycle and auto parts shops and the list goes on and on. All of these businesses will bring in more small and big scale business projects in Naga, Cebu. Indulge yourselves, sit back and relax at the majestic park/plaza by the baywalk and enjoy the mesmerizing cool sea breeze for fun and pleasure. Our beloved Naga, Cebu has endless possibilities. Experience the residents exceptionally warm friendly hospitality. There is no need to look any further... City of Naga, Cebu is Superb!! 

It will continuously shine and its longevity will never falter.  

It is definitely The Place To Be.

Mabuhay !!